Amos Yee’s plan backfires

Amos Yee, the boy notorious for various pranks – including accusing his bailor of molest, putting up a risqué picture of a dead man on the day of his funeral, insulted two of the biggest religions in the world and wasted police resource through a cat and mouse game via Facebook.

The boy who showed utter contempt for the courts, police and the law is now ironically seeking the law’s help to avoid his own liabilities. Amos is now in the United States seeking asylum, but unfortunately for him he’s now finding out that Singapore may have been the better place.

According to his Facebook post, he has been “languishing in an American jail for now a total of 24 days” and that he would not be released for a Court hearing until the 30th of January 2017. He would then have spent 50 days in an American jail, longer than anything that the Singapore government had sentenced him for.

Ironically, someone who escaped his country to prevent jail for exercising free speech, is now spending more time in jail for pursing the exercise of free speech.

Amos Yee should not be granted asylum in the United States. He should not be allowed to pick and chose the laws he wants to follow, these laws like the state abestos laws are there to protect the citizen. He cannot simply be hopping to another judicial system just so that he can escape the reasonable responsibilities he is obliged to comply.

If he is trying to run away from his National Service obligations, his application must fail.  Just as how the Canadian Federal Court threw out Jedidah Ian Tan’s appeal for protection as a refugee. The Canadian Federal Court judge noted that the Singapore authorities had “acted reasonably and expeditiously” and Justice Cecily Y. Strickland adds “A refugee claimant must adduce clear and convincing evidence that is both relevant and reliable, and sufficient to convince the tribunal that state protection is inadequate.

If he is attempting to seek asylum because of prosecution, his application too must fail. Across the globe, there are people who are genuinely seeking relief from pain and death under torture, wars and repressive regimes. Compared with these genuine seekers of relief, Amos is but a disgruntled teenager from a first world nation with rich resources and political patrons to back him.

He is belittling the anguish that true asylum seekers seek with his first world problems. If his grant is approved, he is denying a genuine asylum seeker safe haven. He is precisely what citizens of their own countries are furious with – someone who has no real problems, but come to leech off the welfare and resources of a host nation.

Amos is a “deportable” alien, one that has gained entry into the US on his own. He has shown that he has the resources; money, public backing and political patrons to back him. He has parents, family and friends whom are law abiding citizens, never been prosecuted and are living a free life to help him.

Indeed Amos will be arrested on his return to Singapore; but that is because he chose to breach statutory obligation regarding National Service. A law that had been enacted by a sovereign country through democratic, Parliamentary means. A law that had been complied by generations of Singaporeans without incident. Moreover, he would be released into service after a few short weeks of detention.

A Singaporean military camp is a Syrian refugee’s wonderland. 3 square meals a day, night snacks, modern facilities, showers, entertainment, swimming pools, first class medical care. Even the military training complies with modern health and safety requirements. It is a resort as compared with other military facilities anywhere in the world. That’s what Amos is returning to.

(This is the Basic Military Training Centre of Pulau Tekong)

Consider these words he posted to his Facebook page:

“What the fuck? What the fuck?! This is bullshit! This is fucking bullshit! And the worst part is nobody really knows about these kinds of awful immigration policies existed in America.”

These are not the words of one who’s escaping prosecution. These are the words of a wilful boy who is finally learning his place in the world.

I hope this article reaches Federal Prosecutors of the U.S.A.


(Sample of comments from Amos’ online petition)



  1. I concur entirely. Well written. I would feel especially aggrieved if in fact a genuine asylum-seeker (and God knows there are lots of real unfortunates out there) were to lose a place thanks to the antics of this youngster whose self-indulgence knows no bounds.

  2. From the other perspective, he is fighting the tyranny of the hypocrite and the rich oppressor – religious and political.

    He has paid a very heavy price for his authenticity though unappreciated by the better state disciplined inhabitants.

    A boy’s wits, some say foolishness, is no match against the cunningness of the academics.

    One shouldn’t be naive to expect an alliance of self interests will save you.

    Amos has the uncanny ability to bring out the worst in people.

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