We were asked to remove a post by “Tower Transit knock head” woman

Remember her?


This woman has asked us to remove her post for fear of embarrassment.
Normally, we do not remove any post we have made. We especially do not remove posts that threaten, or imply a legal threat. We particularly welcome them to carry out those threats.

You see, this is freedom of speech – a right that many criticise Singapore for not having. We must defend this right as far as we can. Our writers are asked to stand by what they write or post: either report facts, or have reasoned opinions that are based on fact.

Between midnight and this morning, this “Tower Transit knock head” woman, whose rant on Facebook has gone viral, sent us 9 messages asking us to take it down.

She claims that the whole thing was “an unfortunate incident” and that she has “settled amicably” with Tower Transit. And of course, it was “misquoted out of context”.

In this case, we will half oblige her. We’ll make sure she’s not identifiable, but we will not remove the material fact. We’re doing this on account that her daughter’s photo is innocently on her profile picture.

If you don’t want to be the next big internet sensation, think through your rants before posting them on social media because it will be used and the internet never forgets. There are still many, many, many other forums and Facebook pages that carry the original photo of this woman, each one with extensive reach. Good luck to her for digging these out one by one.

There is no law to protect privacy (strictly speaking) if you are curious about it, have a read at this article.

For now, here’s a textual transcript of what her complaint was (in verbatim:
“Dear Tower Transit, I refer to the incident which happened on 25 Nov 16. Your bus driver jammed break to avoid a cyclist, causing my Daughter to hit her head. After several reminders, u finally contacted me today and informed me that you have ZERO liability in the incident as we didn’t take proper care of our Daughter and reputed my medical claim. I am waiting for an official reply from u regarding your zero responsibility and liability. Unbelievable that u claim to have zero responsibility and liability towards this incident when the whole incident won’t happen if your bus driver don’t apply emergency break to avid the cyclist.”




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