Corruption will exist – what do we do about it?

A General Manager of the Ang Mo Kio Town Council had been hauled up for an alleged case of corruption. Imagine that: a PAP controlled area has one in the family who is corrupt. How dare he. Especially after all they went after the Worker’s Party hard on their own case of alleged corruption.

But you know what the difference is here? In a matter of days, the PAP turned in one of their own to the CPIB for investigation and a demand for answers. We still do not know what’s going on in the Worker’s Party ward. A Town Council manager was not spared. Perhaps he was a loyal PAP activist even, but it didn’t matter – he wasn’t spared, he wasn’t swept under a carpet and dismissed.

That is why Singapore is successful – then men in white are extremely allergic to corruption. Evil will always exist in this world. There will aways be someone trying to work out selfish gains. In the past we have seen ministers who are corrupt, senior people who were corrupt and even civil servants who are corrupt. Corruption, fraud and personal gain will never ever be extinguished.

What we want is to keep it under control and to let justice execute her punishments when they are surfaced. No one can be spared. Not the General Manager, not a PAP member, not a Town Council staff, not an MP, a minister nor the Prime Minister. No one. There is no group of people in this planet that could be absolutely honest, there is no society where people do not commit an offence.

What we do not want is this – avoidance. Misleading people. Pretending to be misled by rules, or that rules were not clear. Asserting that no one can question you. Refusing to have your books audited. That’s what we do not want.

But I think we’ve done pretty well – in the course of this government’s 50 years of existence, the corrupt have been hung out to dry quickly and justice has done her work.

The lesson we can learn here is this – no matter what organisation you are: a business, a charity, a political body or a town council – you do not pretend that nothing is wrong when something clearly is. You do not protect those who do not deserve protection.

We do not need an organisation that is pure, clean and holy – all we seek is an organisation that is run by the rule of law.

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