9 Ways Singapore’s Transformation Will Remind You Nothing Stays The Same

Singapore’s transformation is no less short of stunning (that’s why people love old photos).

Nowadays, we often hear the same old words spouted by the government: productivity, transformation, committee of future something or the other.

But we are nevertheless fascinated by old-school videos and photos which show how much Singapore has transformed in the last decade.

Here are some interesting videos and photos of the past that remind you we have already come a long way today, and inspire you to think about what tomorrow may hold.

1. From tools, to technology

2. From hard labour, to logistics


3. From ownself cook, to central kitchens


4. From school walks, to Schoolber


5. From amusement parks, to Android and Apple


6. From rattan cradles in KKH, to airconditioned nurseries


7. From seaview, to skyline

8. From Singa, to social media shaming


9. From Teamy the Productivity Bee, to Committee on the Future Economy


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