Heard about Jilin Food Zone?

Sino-Singapore Jilin Food Zone (SSJFZ) (Photo credits: Ascendas)
Tianjin Eco-City (Photo credits: citiscope.org)

You would know about the Suzhou and Tianjin city projects that Singapore collaborates with China to develop.

But have you heard about Jilin?

Sino-Singapore Jilin Food Zone (SSJFZ) (Photo credits: Ascendas)

Specifically, the Sino-Singapore Jilin Food Zone (SSJFZ).  The agribusiness park is Singapore’s only one in China and is aimed at demonstrating a replicable and scalable model zone for efficient production of safe and high-quality food.

We are all familiar with the fact that Singapore lacks land space and most of our food (meat, vegetables etc) are imported from other countries.

The idea is to create a green lane once the zone meets Singapore’s Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority’s (AVA) standard, which means products coming into Singapore from the food zone do not have to be inspected by AVA again because they have already met AVA’s standards.

Products that will come from the SSJFZ include rice, pork and more.

The food zone even attained a Foot-and-Mouth Disease Free Zone status following accreditation by China’s Agriculture Ministry and AVA which assures consumers of the safety and quality of the products from the food zone.

The SSJFZ is managed by Sino-Singapore Jilin Food Zone Development and Management Co. Ltd, which is a joint venture between Singbridge and the Jilin City Government.

It is but one of the many projects where Singapore collaborates with China.

There has been concern about the relations between China and Singapore recently as a result of certain news.

But all that could just be over-reaction. On a bigger perspective, both countries are still working together and bilateral meetings are still ongoing.

The continuing soaring trade figures are a testament to the strong bilateral relations between both countries. In Singapore was China’s largest foreign investor with investments of US$5.8 billion in more than 700 projects.

And from the looks of it,  more food products seem like it will come out from the SSJFZ, and we would never run out of food.



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