10 soft skills I have learnt from BMT

National Servicemen who enlist from January this year will receive Workforce Skills Qualification certification for SAF course…including Basic Military Training (BMT)! Wow, so this tells future employers that the serviceman had attained skills from BMT that would be valuable to the workplace!

Hmm… that got me wondering: what unique skills have I picked up during BMT that would be applicable to my new working environment? Let’s see…


10. Speaking fluent Hokkien

(Everything in that video above will make sense to you)

9. Acquiring medical expertise

Rumor has it that drinking a cup of toothpaste would give you sufficient body heat to qualify for a fever. You’ll also know how to declare the correct ailments so that you can get the appropriate status to siam a particular activity without jeopardising activities you want to clear.

You will also learn never, never, never claim to have diarrhoea.

8. Not to undertake anything alone, and sabo your colleagues

7. Singing songs while marching

6. Making your own bed

5. Living with small salaries

4. Vulgarities

3. Working 6 day weeks

2. Sexual abstinence

1. Working a straight week without stopping to even shower




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