Amos is making a mockery of real refugees

The signal I get from the United States is this: if you want to come to our country, all you have to do is tear up very important religious prints, get prosecuted by law enforcement from your country and they’ll reward you with residency under the guise of refuge.

That is the same modus operandi that famed Malaysia “sex blogger”, Alvin Tan used.

Meanwhile, hardworking people who seek further their skills and studies trying to earn employment are faced with countless hurdles when seeking entry in good faith.

It is no wonder such strong anti-foreigner sentiment in the States.

What Amos has done is tie his own shoelaces together, consequentially fell on his face and blamed society for his broken nose. This is a making a mockery from those who are fleeing their countries from actual bodily harm, from real danger of death and prolonged imprisonment and injustice.

The judgement is also riddled with factual errors. “The immigration judge who gave Amos Yee asylum even thinks that ‘Yew’ was LKY’s surname”, commented ex-NMP Calvin Cheng on his FB page.

There is a 30 day period for the US Department of Homeland Security to appeal against the immigration judge’s ruling. It is not as if Singapore is hard-up for Amos’ return – but rather it is the erroneous reasoning in the good judge’s decision that needs resolution.

Amos broke lawfully enacted in a democratic, sovereign country – he is and will be punished in accordance with just penal doctrine. In fact, it is the States that has put Amos behind bars longer than the Singapore courts have. If the U.S. allows him refuge based on this, they are opening their doors up with many more of copycat acts in the future.

Keep the boy if you so wish, but I hope that in an appeal the superior court would note the factual errors of the inferior one.



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