Grab offers child booster seats; shows taxi companies how to stay relevant

Recall the last hoo-ha on how it’s illegal for private hire vehicles to carry passengers below 1.35m?

Initially, many Uber/Grab drivers were not aware of such law until the media reported on the issue.

Some netizens were calling for LTA to exempt private hire vehicles from the child-seat restraint law just like how taxis are also exempted.

However, Grab wasn’t going to wait for LTA to amend the policies.

Just a few hours ago, they announced that they will be rolling out child booster seats to its entire GrabCar fleet.

More than 1,000 GrabCar drivers have already received the seat and they will continue to distribute it to the rest of drivers over the next few months.

Drivers just have to pay for the “mifold Grab-and-Go car seat” at a subsidised rate of S$30 instead of US$56 on Indiegogo.

Though it only caters for children aged four to seven (does not apply to infants and toddlers), it’s still a great move to meet consumers’ needs!

Well done in showing other companies on what it means to stay relevant to your audience!

In the meantime, check out how cool the mifold car seat is – makes me feel like buying one too!

Featured image credit: Grab

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