Han Hui Hui abuses the right to freedom of speech

These days, anyone can make things up and post it on the internet for a mere 15 minutes of fame. If someone accused you of rape or molest, even if you’re innocent – chances are, life will never return to normal.

That is why I believe the freedom of speech should be managed and held to high standards.

Remember Han Hui Hui? The girl who heckled special needs students at Hong Lim Park in 2014? The girl whom amazed Singapore with all manner of sensationalism and displays of political bravado?

She hasn’t learnt her lesson and is still at it.

Look at her Facebook page, the stuff that she posts on her wall is the stuff an upset teenager would post when faced with some discipline. Except that the stuff she posts is, not just illegal, but rude, disrespectful and unbecoming of a politician (if she still so intends on being one).

We won’t be reproducing the stuff she’s posted, but here’s something to give you a flavour:

  • Pulled out pictures of the judge that convicted her, calling him all sorts of names
  • Accused the judges of poor integrity
  • Accused the criminal justice system of inhumane treatment
  • Attempting to put the courts in disrepute through accusations of judicial influence
  • Posting audio recordings of court proceedings

She is clearly contemptuous of the powers that are taking punitive actions on her.

She is clearly in contempt of court.

Han Hui Hui wields Facebook in a way that America’s Twitter-in-Chief, Donald Trump would have been proud of, throwing all manner of tantrums, allegations and yes – requests for funds. She is a spoilt little girl who’s utterly unhappy with the smack on the palm and begging for a proper detention.

I say, give it to her.

Today she makes up ridiculous accusations of how the prison service subjected her to a “humiliating” strip search in front of “about ten female officers with male officers passing by at the gate”. This is an outright lie and the Singapore Prisons Service had responded with reviews of closed-circuit television footage; Han was not subject to a strip search and had remained fully clothed during search by a female officer.

Han Hui Hui is clearly abusing her (and our) rights to freedom of speech. The restrictions that curb this freedom are designed specifically for people like her. Without these antics of hers, all of us are free to do more, say more and voice more constructive criticisms.

She may think that hers was a victimless crime, but it isn’t – it is because of Ms. Han’s acts that many of us censor our own words and actions, afraid that we may be tarred with the same brush as her.

These little boys and girls who think that they’re freedom fighters are actually doing more harm to the rest of us law abiding citizens than they imagine. They go to the international media with their one sided tales, they spin incredible stories of oppression where there is none, they put themselves into harms way asking for the judicial freight train to run them over – they are asking for trouble, they most certainly will find it.

Meanwhile, taxpayers have to subsidise her time in prison and for the trouble she has caused the criminal justice system. Economists call her a negative externality – a cost suffered by citizens as a result of her acts.



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