Uber driver rages at woman for being late

Have you ever been late for an Uber ride?

This woman certainly has…and the driver gave her a huge tongue lashing.

According to Kelly (the one who posted the video), the Uber driver was late for 10 minutes even though it claimed to be arriving in 1 minute. What followed next was what you see in this video.


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The following is the comment by the user, in verbatim:

Dear Uber in Singapore if you have problem drivers who takes 10mins to reach your pick up destination and it says 1mins arriving not even arrived yet I walked down and even had to walk a distance to his car and he wasnt even apologetic and asked me so damn rudely why am I late, I dont see the reason why you need such driver. I should be the one angry. I am late for my class. I booked a cab at 8.48am and it states 9mins arrival I came down at 8.52am am I wrong to do so? Even the apps says arriving not even arrived. Rudest driver I ever met and I wish to pursue this issue with regards to this driver as attached and I couldnt believe I had to pay that stupid cancellation fee. Please refer to attached video and photo. He threatened to bring me to the police over this issue. If he wants to pursue legally, anybody knows him and if there’s any reason to do so, please direct him to me. I really think he has anger management issue. A droplet of saliva dropped when I was talking he says I spit on his car. Please judge this credibility. Thanks. Dont entirely rmb the car plate but it is 1791 if im not wrong slf1791k?

Source: Kelly


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