Preserving the heritage and identities of schools

Slightly less than a week after news broke on the merger of schools, the Minister of Education (Schools) Ng Chee Meng has gone on Facebook to address the strong views on it.

He acknowledged that many felt strongly about it and the merger is not an easy transition.

But the merger of the Junior Colleges (JCs), he reiterated was necessary because of the 20% decline in student population.

“…it is possible that some would struggle to fill even just 200 (JC1), given the sharp drop in JC1 cohort for the coming years. This will limit our students’ educational and CCA experiences.”

Merging JCs might not be a bad thing after all. Merged schools can have better economies of scale for their students. Larger student numbers lead to more subject combinations, CCA varieties and a more vibrant student learning experience.

Most of the alumni of the affected schools feel strongly about the possibility of losing the school’s heritage and identity.

But Ng reassured that the ministry would preserve the heritage and culture of the affected schools.

“It is not an easy transition, but let us – students, alumni, parents and teachers – all work at it together, to honour the identities of our schools even as we make the necessary adjustments for the future. We will go through this journey together.”




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