5 times Singaporean Supermarket customers were behaving badly

Singaporean Supermarket customers

Once in a while you see a news article appear online or on newspapers about Singaporean supermarket customers behaving badly in public.

While most Singaporeans are good citizens, this cannot be said of some bad eggs.

Here are 5 times that Singaporeans were behaving badly in supermarkets:

Mixing and Matching Eggs

Just today, a case of a shopper at a NTUC FairPrice outlet opening a carton of eggs to ‘mix and match’ the best ones.

This is not the first such case, a few of such ‘mix and match’ cases have appeared on the Internet over the years.

Peeling and Eating Fruits and food items

Singaporean Supermarket customers

Peeling and eating fruits such as grapes, longans and lychees and other food items at various supermarkets is also not new.

A few cases of customers caught helping themselves to small fruits have surfaced on the Internet.

Some of us might even have been guilty of helping ourselves to the occasional longan.

Taking upskirt photos

Here’s something that is not food or fruit related.

Singaporean Supermarket customers

A man was caught taking upskirt photos at a NTUC FairPrice outlet recently.

Stealing vibrator

Yup, a 67 year old man was jailed one day and fined $600 for stealing a vibration stimulator from a supermarket in Hougang last month.

The recovered item was returned to the supermarket outlet. It is unknown what happened to it.

Cheating supermarket

Singaporean Supermarket customers

A provision shop owner was caught red-handed for creating fake barcode stickers that he scanned at a supermarket’s self-checkout counters.

He stuck them onto various products like milk powder tins, dresses, toys, chocolates and even a paper shredder at a Giant supermarket at Tampines, just so he could pay less for items and save money.

The incidents listed in this article are just far and few in between. Actually, most Singaporean supermarket customers are good and civic-conscious.

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