Lifelong learning means you never get to graduate

So many people talking about lifelong learning nowadays. It’s like the latest buzzword!

Minister for Manpower Lim Swee Say, Labour Chief Chan Chun Sing, Education Minister Ong Ye Kung, and even our Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong himself.

Here’s a fact that we’ve got to face, lifelong learning means we’ll never graduate at all. 

Once upon a time (probably in our parents’ era), graduating from University was a big thing and it meant the end of the higher education phase, apart from graduating from secondary school as part of formal education.

But these days, we know that possessing just a Bachelor’s degree is not enough.

Heck, even a Master’s degree these days doesn’t even seem enough at all.

So it seems, the whole idea of education and learning is evolving as the economy changes and as we chart the way forward as a country.

As mentioned above, a degree is not sufficient for work anymore. However, what’s needed is relevant and adaptable skills.

This is really needed because skills relevant and adaptable skills is required for the jobs of today and tomorrow.

Photo credit: TODAY

And in this day and age of disruption, workers have to “disrupt ourselves before others disrupt us” as Labour Chief Chan Chun Sing said.

This means changing the way we learn and work. To do this, the way to learn through also has to be re-developed so that skills can be learnt in gamified and “bite-sized, just-in-time” modules.

Eventually, this means that we are constantly upgrading ourselves and putting ourselves through training over and over again to acquire and learn different skills from different modules.

Doesn’t this mean that we technically never graduate as a result of lifelong learning?

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