This is why Singapore is not producing talent

Have a look at this meme done by “Mediacock Singapore”.

From Mediacock 

Ok, it’s funny – but it’s also funny because it’s true. Everyone…. every mother’s son around us aspires to be a “manager”. We want to get hired into managerial positions, we aspire to be directors, we think that it is such a big deal to be able to “manage other people”.

Well, guess what? Who’s there to do the work?

The government is spending so much money, throwing it into SkillsFuture and skills improvement. Politicians have wasted so much newspaper ink and saliva trying to get people to “develop real skills” – but hey, guess what? On the ground, everyone wants to manage. No one wants to work.

That – my good government, is the problem. Stop putting management on a pedestal and start paying real value to those who do the work: the artists, the photographers, the inventors, the coders, the clerks, cooks and drivers.



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