Facebook squabbles are not a means of progress

Here’s an open appeal to the Lee family: please take substantive action. Call for a Committee of Inquiry, hold press conferences, lodge a judicial review, sue the Prime Minister (or the Prime Minister sue them for defamation for that matter) – there are many options, but don’t do it on Facebook.

Quarrelling on Facebook is the stuff teenagers and jilted lovers do. They write passive-aggressive words on their walls, they make memes, they ask people to take sides. These are precisely the things that are going on now and it is impractical. It serves no further purpose than entertainment. Look at all the comments asking for more popcorn; that’s social media speak for “I don’t really care what’s happening, I’m just pleased there’s something exciting to watch while the MRT breaksdown yet again”.

As of now, these social media allegations are extremely unsubstantiated. If this was anyone else, PM Lee would have set loose the Davinder on them. And these are no ordinary allegations; it makes Roy Ngerng’s defamatory article on his blog look like a schoolboy’s rant.

They are alleging the Prime Minister of professional misconduct, abuse of power, nepotism and in essence, working against the interests of Singapore for personal gain. If these allegations are proven, it is enough cause for the Prime Minster to step down. This would mean an absolute disaster for Singapore, we’re then no better than the constituents of our corrupted neighbourhood.

At this point I must say it will take a lot of evidence to prove the above of the Prime Minister.

This is a man whom despite ill health struggled through the most important annual speech.

This is a man whom has donated away his salary when many of his peers did not want to follow.

This is a man whom despite TWO diagnoses cancer, still continued the service of the country. And I must add that if you’ve ever had a life-ending experience like this, money and power are the last things on your mind.

This is a man whose first wife passed on but still soldiered on for the country.

This is a man who is wildly talented – a mathematical and linguistic genius, could have had a extremely comfy private life driving exotic cars, living in exotic locations and headed multinational firms. But instead, he has chosen a life of politics which may as well have been a life of monkhood for someone of this stature.

You can say what you want about him: boring, technocrat, bad with public relations, policy bulldozer – but I think if you want to say that this man does not have the interests of Singapore; you better have a kiloton of evidence to drop.

National day rally 2016 lee hsien loong

The Singapore civil service may have a lot of yes-men at the top, but eunuchs do not make for a corrupt country. It is a one thing to say you are using your power to make people comply with you (corruption) and a very different one where people are afraid to disagree with you because they think you’re the almighty (testicular inadequacy).

The Prime Minister had released a lengthy Statutory Declaration – words that compels the declaration maker to tell the truth on pain of punishment. His siblings haven’t done so. The only thing they have released is a lot of fury on the internet: a lot of unclassified words written with bad grammar. A few Facebook memes.

Instead of calling for an inquiry, or taking proactive steps to setup an investigation panel they’ve just merely said that they will leave Singapore (probably have to because this is aggravated defamation). Even the opposition leaders do more than that when they’re pissed off.

If there is corruption, collusion and nepotism – Singaporeans have a right to know. The accusers have a duty to reveal this, prove this and pressure the Prime Minister to step-down.

But if it isn’t.

Well, if it isn’t – good luck to you guys, there will certainly be no sympathy from me when the swift blade of Justice falls.


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