Did Ho Ching just deliver the slickest message ever?


What is she trying to say?

Your guess is as good as mine ;)

and this one…


But just in case you really are living on a mountain and have really no idea what’s going on, here’s what Lee Hsien Yang said a few days ago prior to getting embroiled in a Social Media row with Lee Hsien Loong:


Genius? …or just happy coincidence? What do you think?

Let us also not forget that Mdm. Ho accidentally shared (on Twitter) a picture of a monkey flipping the photographer off… whilst Dr. Lee Wei Ling was launching her earlier attacks on the Prime Minister several months ago.

She had since apologised for the mistake and assured Facebook readers that it wasn’t intentional.


So is this latest post also…um… unintentional?



Share your thoughts!

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