NTUC’s Returner Work Trial not the same as SDP proposal

SDP had claimed that NTUC’s new “Returners Programme Trial” to help retrenched PMETS with financial assistance is a modified version of the SDP’s proposal launched in 201.

This is incorrect.

NTUC’s Returnship Programme focuses on providing skills and a long term solution. The Returners Programme Trial will assist employers to offer job training for the individuals who have been unemployed for at least two years. The trainee, who must be 30 and above will receive:

• $1,500 per month from Workforce Singapore
• $1,000 per month from the potential employer
• a $2,500 allowanceThe payout period for trainees is limited to six months.

In contrast, the SDP’s “RESTART” (Re-Employment Scheme and Temporary Assistance for the ReTrenched) programme provides retrenched workers with:

• 75% of last drawn salary (capped at median wage) for first six months
• 50% for the second six months if still unemployed
• 25% for the third six months if still unemployedThe payout period is capped at 18 months and MOM will help match retrenched individuals with jobs. The job-seekers can only reject up to three job offers.

The difference is this:

NTUC’s program helps workers re-train workers and get them into employment permanently. It allows the worker get a job that he/she likes and in a skill that he/she wants to learn. It is not an unemployment benefit scheme.

The SDP’s proposal is a mere stop-gap measure. It gives the worker some money and throws any available job at him – remember, he may only reject it 3 times. You can be very sure that the worker is going to be disgruntled in no time and become unemployed again.

Isn’t it easy to tell the difference between the two? There we go, you’re now smarter than the SDP!


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