According to States Times Review’s logic, no one can qualify to run for Presidential Elections. 

States Times Review (STR) wrote an article on 26 August saying that Halimah Yacob has “broken the country’s election laws by beginning her campaign before the closing of Nomination Day” and should therefore be “disqualified from contesting for infringing the election law”.

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In their comments, STR also encouraged their followers to report this to the police.

If we go by States Times Review’s logic, then all the potential candidates cannot qualify leh.

1. So far, all candidates – Salleh Marican, Farid Khan, Halimah Yacob – all kee chiu say that they want to run for the Presidential Elections. 

Everyone has accepted media interviews – highlighted their accomplishments, and said they are assembling their campaign teams. Both Salleh Marican and Farid Khan have also announced that they have submitted their application forms for the PE.
Going by STR’s line of reasoning, this one should be considered campaigning also. All disqualify lor.

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2. Even Tan Cheng Bock also announced that he wants to run

Lagi best, Tan Cheng Bock even held a press conference earlier in the year on 11 March to announce that he wants to run for the upcoming PE.
Quick, call the mata – like what STR says. He trying to campaign also.

3. Writ of election haven’t issue yet leh, when is the nomination day?

The writ of election will specify when the date of nomination (no less than 10 days nor more than a month from date of Writ), the place of nomination and whether it is an open or reserved election.
Given that the writ of election hasn’t been issued yet – we don’t know how STR know when the date of nomination is.
Share the crystal ball leh, we also want.
We would like to suggest that STR study the electoral processes more – we find that this link gives quite a useful and clear explanation.
Lest they get slammed again by Law Minister K Shanmugam for spreading fake news. Or maybe people need to call the mata on them.

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