Mexican Senator “gushes” over Halimah Yacob. We’re lovin’ it.

Mexican Senator Gabriela Cuevas had a coffee chat with Madam Halimah Yacob two days ago.

She is the Chairperson of the Mexican Senate Foreign Relations Committee and also serves as President of Inter-Parliamentary Union’s Committee.

Both of them first met in April when Madam Halimah (in her capacity as then Speaker of Parliament) led the Singapore delegates to visit Mexico.

They were invited by Mr Pablo Escudero, President of the Senate of Mexico.

In case you’re wondering why Singapore has warm ties with Mexico (like why of all countries, Mexico) –  Mexico is Singapore’s second largest trading partner within the Latin American and the Caribbean region.

Last year, bilateral trade in goods between Singapore and Mexico totaled to $4.3 billion. More than 40 Singapore companies have a presence in Mexico including Banyan Tree and Pacific International Lines.

According to Madam Halimah’s Facebook post, both female leaders seemed to have discussed on initiatives to uplift the lives of women and children in our communities.


Senator Cuevas expressed so much interest towards Madam Halimah that she shared her Facebook post and even published an Instagram post in Mexican!

Sharing Madam Halimah’s Facebook post:

How do we know Senator Cuevas was “fangirling” over Madam Halimah?

Note the choice of words used – “writing history”,”we are going to miss you”, and “it was an honour”. These are strong words of affirmation.

Instagram post in Mexican:

Here is the English translation:

🇲🇽🇸🇬#Halimahyacob is the first female candidate for the presidency of #Singapore. We met in #Mexico during his visit as president of the parliament of his country to the #Senate of the Republic. Now I have the pleasure of talking with her about the bilateral relationship (#trade#innovation#education#ports#culture, parliamentary diplomacy and of course, about your campaign to the presidency.
I wish every success to an extraordinary woman who is making history in #Singapore#singapore#mexico#política#politics

Senator Cuevas was also spotted smiling and clapping her hands when Madam Halimah was given a standing ovation at the Mexico Parliament.

Here’s the speech which Madam Halimah made at the Mexican Senate and was given a standing ovation for.

This isn’t the first time the former Speaker of Parliament represented Singapore on the international front.

She was the first Singaporean to be elected to the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and was even urged to run for ILO Director-General.


Anyway, Senator Cuevas would be happy to know that Madam Halimah noted about her visit to Mexico in her resignation letter to PM Lee.

Madam Halimah visited many countries during her term as Speaker of Parliament but she only highlighted Mexico at the end of her career as Speaker. This goes to show that Mexico has a special place in her heart.

Glad the feeling is mutual.

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