Trump is why we should not lower our standards

Some think we have set the bar too high on the criteria for President. But turn to the West and you’ll see that it is not high enough. Trump is clear warning that even raising financial barriers to qualify for office is not enough to keep lunatics out.

His latest antics are amongst the most dangerous – right now he’s egging North Korea into armed conflict.

We vote our leaders to keep us out of war and if inevitable, to end it as swiftly as they can. This guy has done the complete opposite. Based on his actions, it appears he does not understand the delicate nature of foreign affairs and the trouble he is brewing; for both his country and this part of the world.

Trump’s irresponsible statements have caused the equity markets to plunge steeply. Guam has now the unenviable task to calm their residents down. Real losses have been suffered and not a single bullet was fired. For no rhyme or reason, the American military has to ready itself for another battle an prepare themselves for death and destruction.



All this just because one man spoke off the cuff, led by his ego.

Do we want a basket case to run our country? Someone who is led by his (or her) emotions, making criticisms of other nations, other political systems and other economies and endangering ours in the process?

How will our President behave when amongst a testosterone laden environment alongside the likes of Putin and Trump? Are we going to be led into their game of “My gun is bigger than yours” when there is really no need to?

To those who think that Singapore’s office of President is merely one of puppet play, then close your eyes for a minute and think about the horrors that will befall the country if an inept President goes around and makes stupid remarks on our behalf. One sentence from Trump can send the American markets into a crash.

The Singapore economy may not be able to withstand this sort of impact.

There are many, many righteous…but dangerous things waiting for a Singaporean leader to be said. There is a reason why these things are not said on a diplomatic level – but all we need is a self righteous person to take office and in an unguarded moment, while he’s popping opening a shaken bottle of champagne, a flying cork is going to hit a nation in the eye and maybe then it will be Singapore’s turn to be met with fire and fury.

Reducing the number of people that can qualify for the office of President is a good thing, let’s raise the bar not lower it.




  1. No disagreements that we need to keep our leaders to a high standard. Only issue is that going by the current requirements for the Singapore President, barring the ethnicity issue, Donald Trump will qualify.

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