We want to thank the Grab driver who laminated our article and pasted it in his car

It has been brought to our attention that a Grab driver has printed out our article titled “Carrying a baby? Don’t be offended if driver rejects you.” published in February this year.

He has even laminated the article and displayed it at the back of his front seats’ headrests.

We came to know about it through an online site who interviewed the Grab driver who decided to put up this “sign” in his car.

According to the article, the Grab driver has not experienced disputes with young parents who are insistent on accepting private-hire car rides without booster seats.

However, he decided to take this proactive step to educate other parents on why private-hire drivers have the right to reject passengers from boarding with young kids if the car does not have booster seats.

Some insurance companies do not cover children.

NTUC Income only covers children if the car has booster seats (as it’s mandatory by law). If driver accepts, it will be unlawful and no claims can be made against the driver in the event of an accident.

While it may seem “rude” for a driver to reject passengers especially when they are about to board, the driver is only doing so to protect everyone in the picture.

Remember, the law requires passenger below 1.35 meters in height to be secured by child restraints/booster seats when travelling in a motor vehicle.

This rule applies to all motor vehicles including private-hire vehicles like Grab, Uber etc. Taxis are exempted because they are considered public service vehicles.

Click here to read more about this topic.

Meanwhile, we would like thank the Grab driver for putting up our article in his car and helping to raise awareness on this topic.

Please help to share this around, thank you!

Photo credit: Mothership

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