Will Halimah be a victim of revenge vote?

Yes, yes… many of us are upset with the new presidential requirements. But don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Whatever the quarrels, I think we shouldn’t let it divert us from the fact that she is still the most qualified to the office of President. I even dare say that her credentials surpasses her two other competitors.

Let’s have a look:

Humble background

Mdm. Halimah was not born into a wealth. Her parents didn’t come from money, her grandparents weren’t rich and she continues to live a humble lifestyle even after realising much success in both her career and national work. Could she afford a big house, fancy car and branded goods? Sure she can, but she doesn’t. She continues to live in her humble HDB till today and until the country says she can’t, she had said there is no reason for her to change her lifestyle.

Administrative Experience

Ever since the day she graduated, Halimah had been in the service of public offices in many positions. She has fought elections, ran government organisations, served the unions and is very familiar with the mechanics and delicacies of political work. It is safe to say that we can trust her to conduct herself appropriately with foreign delegates and sovereigns, given she is the highest representative of Singapore.


It would be a first for Singapore and a rarity on an international level. Voting in a female into an office of high power would show the world that Singaporeans are not a bigoted bunch and can vote in a person based on merit.


Her entire career had been established to the service of Singapore and Singaporeans. There was no profit, no financial benefit, no business expansion opportunities … nothing that a hardcore capitalist would be interested in.

If we take a step back from all this anger with the reserved elections and the fact that she was from the PAP, you will have to agree that Halimah fits the bill cleanly based on merit alone. She has the stature, the poise, she isn’t nervous in front of the media and she knows the substance of governance, diplomacy and administration.

What more do you ask for in a candidate?



  1. Well written and researched article but I think your article missed a very important point.

    The current PAP government “advertised” this election as an election for the Malays, she is not a Malay as indicated on her NRIC. Are you advocating being a Muslim makes her a Malay? So that is so, then any Chinese who has converted to the Muslim faith can be considered a Malay too.

    If the PAP government did their homework and make this an election for a MUSLIM president, then I will vote for her.

    I cannot conscientiously vote for a lie.

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