Amos Yee is finally out, here are 8 things he can look forward to

He can finally get on with life
Which means he’ll need to get a job, pay rent, pay taxes…in short, he’ll have to grow up without mommy’s support

He’ll find that the rest of Singapore has moved on
Many things had passed back home with nary a peep from him. New President, National Day came and went, diabetes and tech was discussed, jobs growth and GDP growth was forecasted, Pink Dot gathered…etc etc… all this took place without his involvement.

His voice will start getting weaker and weaker
Remember the ex-NUS law student that performed a vile act using the Quran and begged the U.S. for asylum too? Yeah, neither do many of us. You see, by living in a faraway country, he removed himself from Singapore society and his lack of participation will reduce the credibility of his words.

He faces arrest if he steps back into Singapore
For evading National Service, he has put himself into self-imposed exile. If steps onto our shores, he will be arrested for a criminal offence.

What would have happened to him if he had stayed here?
He had been in lock-up for 10 months. This means that he would have finished BMT and if he had been disciplined, he could have done either SISPEC or OCS even. However, his character and behaviour would have made him a prime candidate for lots and lots of detention, so he would have found a way to downgrade himself and become a clerk or storeman. Either way, he should be done in another 10 more months or so if he had stayed here.

He will most certainly start trying to entertain us with videos
More videos will come up, but it would be questionable how much of a mark these will make. Apart from his accent, his rants on Facebook are just that – rants. And being so far removed from the system, these rants are not going to have an impact on Singapore (see point 2 above).

He may start having fun with U.S. politics
If he does, it would be an uphill task. Like it or not, it’s a white man’s country and they don’t take kindly to immigrants. He’ll be another Chinese person who’s come to take their jobs, leech off the system and steal their men.

He has to adapt to a new life, like it or not
The doors back home are closed to him and the bridges are burnt. However, if he makes the most out of it, he can become pretty successful – he has the aptitude for it. Not the talent, but certainly the attitude. That is if he turns over a new leaf, becomes mentally mature and stop taking the ill advice of his previous political buddies. There are opportunities to do big things, if he wants to.

Had he stayed on in Singapore, he would have the same opportunities and maybe even more, after all the center of economic gravity has shifted to Asia. We may not have full freedom of speech, but if you want to be a better version of yourself, the resources and opportunities are here.

There is no imaginary government conspiracy to shackle citizens, brainwash them and make them submit to a system. It is merely a system that makes it fair for everyone else – if your freedom of speech pits two massive communities against each other and unsettling the nation, then tough luck…your freedom of speech will be restricted.

Spend a bit more time abroad Amos, and you will come to accept (as those before you have) that the Western way of running countries is not the single, divine way of doing so.


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