A discussion on Happy TV’s latest episode 

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Mrs. Ivy Singh-Lim of Bollywood Veggies is a colourful character and we like some of her shows. Some of them.

Her latest show on social media channel Happy TV was rather interesting and we thought we’d highlight a few things we liked about it, and some stuff that are incorrect.

a.) She says that ALL Members of Parliament live in posh houses, hold posh jobs and drive flashy cars

This is incorrect.

Case in point is Halimah Yaacob whom has stayed in a HDB for the decades she was a politician. Also there is West Coast GRC MP Patrick Tay whom grew up in a HDB with his mother. So too did Lawerence Wong, Chan Chun Sing and several others.

Now what about flashy cars? Chan Chun Sing and Yacob Ibrahim drives a Toyota Prius, Lim Swee Say zips around in a Honda Civic and Mdm. President ride of choice is a Camry.

Most other MPs live in condos and drive BMWs, but that isn’t entirely out of the ordinary… most middle-income executives live the same lifestyle.

I don’t think they have flash jobs either. Most of them are either in the civil service, the NTUC, lawyers, accountants or directors of boring companies. They need the jobs because a Member of Parliament is not a job and there is no guarantee of your seat at the next election. Being the boss of a farm in Kranji is a far more exciting job and you’re not at risk of people voting you out *wink*

All of them are required to attend MPS and visit residents, so it wouldn’t be the case that they don’t know what is going on behind HDB doors.

b.) “Let me tell you why I support Mdm. President”

Ivy is usually abrasive with her remarks but we agree with her in this case. Here’s what the gentle warrior farmer has to say:

“Many years ago, Halimah was a young lawyer she helped a lot of people that needed protection against life which was unfair, unkind and unjust. Then she joined the union (and) she was a very popular person there. She was a fair minded person and likes to help. 

In fact at a past NTUC elections, she lost to “one great fellow” by one or two points. Why would all those workers vote for her to be the top gun in NTUC? Because they know she can help them.

Let’s help her to be the good President that i’m confident that she will be. She has chosen to continue living in her HDB flat and in fact, more ministers and MPs should do likewise.“

c.) An interview with Oh Siew May on cerebal palsy

If you do not know what cerebal palsy is, watch the video and be enriched.



  1. Staying in HDBs is probably from choice instead of circumstance which is what she is probably alluding to. God knows they can definitely afford it.
    As for cars that they drive, can you check what other cars they own?

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