Halimah Yacob has got her work cut out for her

Less than a week after being sworn in to the highest office of the land, President Halimah Yacob has already been doing what she does best: connecting with the ground.

Halimah Yacob(Photo credit: Todayonline)

Once the campaigning and the election process was over and done with, she was already out and about the following day to walk the ground to meet with ordinary Singaporeans.

In fact, in her acceptance speech on Nomination Day, she said:

“I ask you now, dear Singaporeans, that the election is over, to stand together so that we can focus on our core priorities.”

She started off with a visit to the special needs centre to show support for people with special needs.

Then she visited the Singapore Association for the Deaf during their awards ceremony to recognise their partners.

Yesterday (19 September 2017) she visited frontline healthcare workers at the National University Hospital (NUH) to meet and dialogue with them.

Just these few visits show how Mdm Halimah has wasted no time in getting down to work.

When interviewed by the media right after the nomination proceedings, she also said she will start work immediately.

Connecting with the ground

Her visit at NUH, can be seen both as expressing her support for the workers, and how she wishes to understand the concerns of workers, something which evidently is close to her heart, since she spent 33 years of her career in the labour movement being the advocate for workers’ rights.

At the same time, according to Mdm Halimah, her visit was also to understand how hospitals are coping with the issue of Singapore’s ageing population in terms of infrastructure.

It’s quite obvious then, that Mdm Halimah continues to be put herself in the midst of Singaporeans and getting to know their concerns and issues, and she evidently wastes no time in going to the ground.


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