Did TISG present untruths about the Workers’ Party being blocked in Parliament?

UPDATE: The Independent Singapore has issued a clarification on the said article, which includes the clarification from Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan-Jin.

Two days ago, The Independent Singapore (TISG) published an article about the Workers’ Party (WP) being blocked from raising an adjournment motion.


The WP’s Sylvia Lim had on 2 occasions tried to raise an Adjournment Motion to raise a debate about the elected presidency. But both attempts were unsuccessful.

This led to TISG coming to the conclusion that “The Workers’ Party’s (WP) adjournment motion regarding the reserved presidential election has been “quashed” once again as Members of Parliament (MPs) vote to debate a motion on “preserving green space,” at the next parliamentary session on 2 Oct.”.

The entire article published, shows the alternative media site is either dishonest, or misinformed.

Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan-Jin had come out to clairfy on his Facebook that the balloting for the motion was done on 26 September (Tuesday).

The way the balloting was done and the situations that led to the balloting was explained quite clearly by Tan.

Even Ms Sylvia Lim herself agreed with Tan that they “should not go overboard with this”, when Tan joked about having Ms Lim pick from the ballot box or putting the ballot process on FB Live.

So what or why did TISG make the claim that “Just like the last time the WP was blocked from raising the motion, two competing bids were suddenly filed before the WP could speak on the matter and MPs eventually chose to debate People’s Action Party (PAP) MP Dr Intan Azura’s “Preserving Green Space and Heritage in Jalan Kayu Constituency.””?

Isn’t a ballot based on luck/chance, rather than the number of votes?

Surely the PAP MPs do not resort to underhand means to purposely “block” opposition MPs from being able to raise issues in Parliament.

So what does this show about TISG?

Two things.

One: Sordid journalism standards.

Two: Dishonesty.

We leave you to decide which answer you pick as your conclusion.

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