Walkovers are never easy to accept…but we must move on

Walkovers in elections are almost never easy to accept; in both the supporting and opposing camps.

Just look at the announcement of the issuing of the Certificate of Eligibility to Madam Halimah Yacob yesterday (12 September 2017). It has just drawn so much criticism from anti-establishment camp and some from the pro-establishment camp even.

But it is not the first time Singapore has seen a walkover for a Presidential Election. If you can recall, during the Presidential Elections in 1999 and 2005, the late Mr SR Nathan contested and was elected the President of Singapore with walkovers in both elections.


His contributions as the President of Singapore were many. In 2000, it was him who started the President’s Challenge which at the time of his death last year saw 58 organisations benefiting from funds raised from the President’s Challenge.

The thousands who waited in line to pay their last respects to him in Parliament when he passed away last year were just a testament to how much respect and gratitude for someone who did much for the nation in a span of 10 years as President.

As NUS academic Associate Professor Simon Tay who is one of the nominators for Madam Halimah’s candidacy said of Mr Nathan’s presidency:

 “I think at the end of his two terms, President Nathan erased any question mark over his presidency. I think history has borne out that Singaporeans, I think, recognise a good president when they have one.”

Similarly, if Madam Halimah has been declared as the President of Singapore, let’s just give her the due diligence of time to prove her her mettle.

And by all accounts, she is known to be a wonderful woman and have the qualities that many know will make her a good president.

Now that the dust is done and settled, let’s just give her the space, time, and confidence to do her duty well.

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