Did the Worker’s Party get silenced in Parliament?

Have you heard the conspiracy theory on how the Worker’s Party motion (about the Elected Presidency) got shot down? If you haven’t here’s the “too long, didn’t read”:

  • On the 28th of August, Sylvia filed an adjournment motion on this matter
  • On August 29th she didn’t get to speak because two others MPs motions got selected.

So everyone is thinking “hor hor… PAP purposely block them, don’t let them speak!”


Facts ah:

a.) There were only 3 submissions. Two by the PAP, one by the WP.

b.) The two PAP motions were actually re-submissions from August. Only one of the two was successful.

c.) WP resubmitted theirs from September to October. Still not successful.

The Speaker clarified thus: “This afternoon, we balloted for the motion to be tabled this coming Monday. Sylvia Lim was present at the ballot. Her’s and Vikram’s topics rolled over from the last round. Intan tabled her motion. So we chose from 1 of 3. Intan’s was chosen. If we have 2 days of sitting, I’d draw from the remaining two (unless others submit other motions by 27 Sep 4.30pm) and either Vikram’s or Sylvia’s will be chosen for Tuesday’s sitting. This arrangement is as it has been for some time.”

The system is very transparent.

“The last round, Dennis Tan was present at the ballot as well. Nothing odd or out of ordinary was done either. And the motion tabled by Vikram and Murali had both been rolled over from August.  In fact Vikram Nair has missed it yet again this time round.”

Before the Worker’s Party cries foul, they need to recall that a few months back, Sun Xueling tabled a motion (on fair pricing for infant milk formulas), to her disappointment it was not selected. Instead it was Workers Party’s Daniel Goh’s motion being picked instead.

Chuan Jin then joked with Sylvia about how she may want to draw from the box or that he would also FB Live the process. Both agreed that there is no need to go overboard with this. There is a robust and fair system in place respected by both sides of the house.

So you think there is some sort of devious plan to shut the Worker’s Party up, you will be most disappointed.

However, Sylvia ought to keep this motion…in motion. If they are really so concerned about the mechanics of the Elected Presidency, they should press on.



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