Are we too intolerant? Or are we too inconsiderate?



It was reported in the Straits Times today that some residents in Jurong East called in the cops on a couple’s “gatecrash” party. For those of you non-local readers, this is local Chinese wedding culture. The groom, together with his “brothers” would turn up, blare their car horns to signify their arrival, go to the home of the bride for a series of games before they’re allowed to pick her up.

In this present case, it appears the brothers have gone a little trigger happy on the car horn and neighbours proceeded to call in the police.

This is not the first time neighbours got upset. Earlier this year, an irate resident fired pellets at groomsmen’s cars in Woodlands during the gatecrash party.

So are we too intolerant of these practices?

The comments that concur with this go along the lines of this: It’s a once in a life time event and it doesn’t happen everyday. Weddings and funerals are all part and parcel of communal, HDB living… remember that ours is still public housing after all and we do share a space with hundreds of other households, thousands of other residents.

You may not need to share their joy, but let them have their space in time for their practices.

In close disagreement are the following thoughts: No, they should be considerate of my needs. In the neighbourhood there could be light sleepers, elders, infants and the sick. No one is objecting to your party, but do it considerately. It is precisely because we are living in a close community that we have to respect the right to quiet and peace.

Tricky tricky… what do you think?

Share your thoughts!

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