Building smarter, safer homes through technological wizardry

Smarter homes are all the rage now in Singapore. As a country at the forefront of technological advancement, our connected society would give more possibilities to change how we live. The government had been very accommodating to new initiatives and more of these are to follow, opening opportunities for both innovators and businesses.

Control Hubs

Hubs connect all varieties of products and allow you control through a smartphone or computer. Devices can be scheduled to turn on or off on demand, notifications pushed to you reminding you of which device needs repairs and connected to operate a wide variety of devices.

Smart showers

It was reported that smart showers will be fitted to 10,000 BTO flats from 2018. The devices will tell the user, via glowing colour codes, how much water was consumed. Users can then set their own water savings goal. The initiatives provide real-time information and can motivate behaviour change and complement policy tools in achieving Singapore’s water conversation goals.

Home safety

Not just from crooks, but also from accidents. Gas leaks, fire prevention, faulty wiring and pet safety, these are all the protection that a smart home can bring along. HDB had recently updated the Fire Code to ensure all newly built HDBs will have smoke detectors installed. There are opportunities to to further this idea – smoke detectors can trigger warnings to friends and relatives via the internet, even summoning help if a fire starts.

Trash management

There are devices that tell you what groceries you require based on what you have recently thrown away and even make orders on your behalf. On top of that, automated sorting and compacting can be incorporated thereby helping to improve how we throw away things.

Toilet analysis

Some toilets come with “nutrition analysis” and give you health reports. They also flush without being touched, have dryers, wash, self cleaning features, deodorising and even bluetooth capabilities. Why not right?


Smart Health Assist is Singapore’s answer to better and more affordable healthcare. The target is by 2025, Singaporeans can access healthcare from the comfort of their own homes. Using wearables and sensors, patients will be able to remotely get advise and treatment.


Better security and response is at the top of government initiatives. There are plans to make information relay and tracking more robust. Some pilots include initiatives by the Singapore Police Force to use in-car cameras from volunteer car owners to help monitor carparks. Many HDBs now have a police cameras installed and “smart lamp posts” are set to become key nodes for relaying security data.


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