Why we can never do enough to prepare for Terrorism

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NOT IF, BUT WHEN. The slogan of the SGSecure movement that Singaporeans have been hearing over and over again in the last year.

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Though actually, the slogan has now been changed to “Be Prepared, Our Response Matters”.

In the last year, we have seen in the news how many organisations have ramp up security measures to better prepare their stakeholders for a terrorist attack. Religious organisations have stepped up their security measures at temples, churches, mosques as part of the SGSecure movement.

Malls and other buildings have also done the same to prepare for a terror attack.

Early in the wee hours of this morning (17 October 2017), a multi-agency counter-terrorism exercise code-named Exercise Northstar X at Changi Airport Terminal 3 to simulate a terror attack at a “completely plausible target for terrorists” according to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, who was present to witness the exercise.

Security agencies like the Ministry of Defence, Singapore Civil Defence Force, and the Singapore Police Force were involved in the exercise.

But while our buildings are prepared, our people are not quite, according to a poll done by Sunday Times. Results from the poll show that four in five Singaporeans feel unprepared if a terror attack were to hit home.


More than 70% are not equipped with life-saving skills like cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and first aid.

Evidently, more needs to be done to get Singaporeans to buy in to the message of SGSecure. It is after all, the duty of everyone to keep Singapore safe and stay vigilant.

A bright spark in this movement is actually the SGSecure for Workplaces which was recently launched.

Businesses like every individual need to be prepared and remain resilient in the face of terror attacks.

Hence, employers are encouraged to be a part of the programme to raise their organisation’s preparedness against terrorism, build a cohesive workplace and even have fair employment practices.

(Click here to see the SGSecure Guide for Workplaces.)

It’s only a matter of time before Singapore has to respond to a terror attack of some sort. That means we can only be prepared for it, so that when it happens, we know how to respond.

And more importantly, it is the recovery stage, after the attack, that is crucial to our survival. We’re made up of a multi-racial and multi-religious group of people, it takes a lot of mutual understanding to rally together to recover.


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