Continuity is key, regardless of who is PM: Chan Chun Sing

Chan Chun Sing

In a dialogue with the Foreign Correspondents Association of Singapore earlier today (30 October), Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office Chan Chun Sing said that regardless of who the next PM (Prime Minister) of Singapore, there will be continuity in Singapore.

This, he said was because the overall set of policies would have been “thought through by the team, carried by the team, owned by the team”.

Chan Chun Sing

Chan together with Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat and Higher Education Minister Ong Ye Kung have been widely touted to be the front-runners for the post.

He added that while factors such as personality and style make a difference at the margins, they do not affect the country’s overall policy direction.

He used the analogy of football to describe members of the 4th generation of leaders covering each other as a result of the overlap of strengths and weaknesses.

Chan Chun Sing

In fact, if we take a look at some 50 years back, we can see that this can be said of the team of founding cabinet members who rallied together to bring Singapore to where we are today. Each of them had a specific capability which was crucial for Singapore’s existence. But the goal and ideal was similar and clear: to bring Singapore ahead.

Similarly, this current 4th generation of leaders have a common goal to advance Singapore further.

“You are not going to expect that if Person A becomes the prime minister (instead of) Person B, the direction is going to be so diametrically opposite as to cause a huge discontinuity or disruption.”

When asked by the a correspondent from the BBC on whether he would like the job, Chan said all of the current 4th generation of leaders have to be prepared to do the job when called upon.

But he highlighted that the “bigger challenge” for Singapore is whether younger people beyond the 4th generation will step into politics.

And to put it straight, it is ALL the 4th generation of leaders (and not just him) have the obligation to be prepared and ready to take on the job when called upon.

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