Human error behind MRT tunnel flooding

It has been reported that maintenance works for the Bishan portal sump pump system had not been properly carried out since December 2016.

Preliminary investigations reveal that quarterly maintenance works for December 2017, as well as March and June 2017 had not been conducted. Although maintenance records were signed and submitted, investigations show that no track access approvals had been issued for the preventive maintenance. Pump records for these dates show that the pumps had not been activated, which would have been required as part of the maintenance procedures.

In short, it means that only paperwork had been done. No real work was carried out. In the language of the army, this is called “twang”.

The manager and staff responsible have been suspended and are assisting in these investigations.

SMRT made headlines earlier in October 2017 when a section of the North-South Line between Braddell and Bishan MRT stations were flooded. Train services were disrupted for more than 20 hours, affecting more than a quarter of a million commuters.


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