Why companies can now enable workers to be trained overseas

Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say launched a new manpower pilot programme called the Capability Transfer Programme (CTP) to “facilitate the transfer of capabilities lacking or in short supply here, to our local workforce regardless of which sectors they are in”.

(Photo Credit: Human Resources)

This means that funding support will be provided for local trainers and trainees requiring local or overseas on-the-job training.

“In cases where our local trainers and trainees need to be trained overseas in a real-world setting, we will provide funding support too.”

Higher funding support will also be given to SMEs compared to non-SMEs, as well as initiatives that impact an entire industry instead of a single company.

In other words, companies can get funding to send their Singaporean trainers or trainees to go overseas to acquire skills not available in Singapore so that they can come back to Singapore to transfer their skills within their company or industry.

Of course, if the skills is also available locally, companies can get funding to send their trainees for training.

Let’s think about it: what is the purpose of this  Capability Transfer Programme?

The economy is heading towards a highly skilled, highly capable workforce. And the only way to do this, is to be trained in that respect.

If training is not available locally, then companies can and should send their trainers or workers overseas, with the help of the new programme, to deepen or learn more skills to share the skills when these workers come back to Singapore.

Responding to the pilot programme, Mr Tan Richard from the United Workers of Electronics & Electrical Industries said: “Technology and products are changing rapidly. We need our local workforce to go through frequent training and updating of skills in order to remain sharp, hence the programme comes at a right time. I hope companies can tap on the programme to send trainers and workers for training.”

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