Christmas is Coming – Choose Flowers That Carry the Holiday Spirit

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year and Santa Clause didn’t make us say that. With Christmas comes Santa, Christmas decor, a festive, delicious Christmas dinner, the  magnificent Christmas Tree, and of course, the gifts. If you’re planning to gift flowers to someone very special this year, why not go the extra mile and gift them flowers that remind them of this beautiful holiday.

But which flowers are ideal for Christmas? We’ve talked to the best flower delivery Singapore has ever had and we’ve got all the inside information on which flowers are going to sweep your loved ones away (and possibly Santa Clause, too).

  1. The Power of Poinsettia

You couldn’t possibly spend a Christmas without this vibrant, red beauty. Poinsettias are gorgeous as home décor, but they are equally beautiful as a gift, or as part of your floral arrangement. They simply scream Christmas! And if you’re feeling a little bit adventurous, there are different colours of the Poinsettia, not just red.

  1. Roses Are Red, Christmas is Cool

It’s a rare occasion when roses are a no-no. But for Christmas, you can’t say no to beautiful red roses. Express all your love and admiration with a grand bouquet of roses, and don’t forget to add a bit of carnations or a poinsettia here and there, just to make it extra festive. Ideal for gifting to your soulmate, or to your partner.

  1. Amaryllis for Home Bliss

Another bright and gorgeous bloom, that stands tall in your arrangement and simply exudes passion, love and… Christmas. It comes in beautiful colours, predominantly red, which is the most popular choice, but also white, if you’re going for a more elegant bouquet for a family remember.

  1. C’mon Christmas Cactus!

Why not deck the halls with a pretty Christmas Cactus? And no, the beautiful lady who you gift it to won’t prick her gentle finger and drift into a long sleep. This gorgeous flower has the most vibrant blooms that bloom just in time for Christmas. It’s ideal to give to your date, wife, mother, sister, whoever appreciates a good bloom. Keep it different this Christmas, and get a Xmas Cactus!

  1. OH-some Oriental Lilies

Oriental lilies are gorgeous accent blooms, because you don’t have to use a lot of them in your bouquet or arrangement, as they make a powerful statement among other flowers that are more common. Use them as focal points in your bouquet, and your bouquet is guaranteed to be the jaw-dropper this Christmas.

Every decent flower delivery Singapore has is going to stock up on these gorgeous Christmas flowers, so take your Christmas flower game to the next level with Xmas-specific blooms.



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