Are you a freelancer? Do you wish to voice your concerns?

A tripartite workgroup had been put together to hear public feedback on Self Employed Persons (SEPs).

Made up of members from the Ministry of Manpower, National Trades Union Congress and the Singapore National Employers Federation, the tripartite group is inviting the public to raise their top concerns in the future economy.

Some of these issues include: late payment, non payment, uncertainty of work, insufficient work and fluctuating income.

What is a “Self Employed Person” then?

It is defined as someone who operates their own trade or business. This will include taxi drivers, real estate and property agents, private hire vehicle drivers and private tutors. There are some 200,000 freelancers and they make up about 10% of the workforce.

The Ministry of Manpower had published findings from public consultations on “Self-Employed Persons’ Top Concerns in the Future Economy” here:

Those who wish to contact the tripartite workgroup may do so here by 6pm on the 22nd of December: [email protected]

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