Gilbert Goh has to be corrected

The following article had been contributed by “Annoyed Citizen”.

Normally, when you see a meme like this…you ignore it. It appeals to either the ignorant, the restless or the plain silly.

Very easy to rebut. These facts you cannot deny:

a.) The ministers don’t get paid bonus

b.) Civil servants have been getting this sort of bonus, since forever

c.) The Prime Minister doesn’t decide these things (neither can he call a stop to it easily either)

d.) Prime Minister didn’t say anything about GST increasing by 2%. This was speculation by a DBS representative.

Gilbert loves juvenile antics like this. And he does so at a profit.

This is the man whom tried to raise funds by selling a series of #NotMyPresident T-shirts in preparation for his silent protest during the Presidential Elections. Through the sale of these #NotMyPresident T-shirts, Mr Goh hopes to “raise funds for future protests” held at Hong Lim Park.

But look at him, travelling the world and all.

In a Facebook post a couple of years ago, Goh suggested the influx of foreigners was making it tougher for local men to marry local women. He criticised Singaporean women who dated foreign men.

He wrote: “Our women folk also find that ang mohs (a slang term for Caucasians that once had derogatory connotations) are better at making conversation, maybe due to their mastery of the English language and they are also more gentlemanly … More importantly, they provide a direct passport out of Singapore for our women folk when the time comes for them to relocate back to the guy’s country – if they ever get hitched.”

He also wanted Filipinos off the streets and out of Singapore.

In 2014, him and his supporters went on a crusade against Filipinos in Singapore who are planning independence day celebrations in Orchard Road. Goh and his supporters say holding the celebration there would violate Singaporeans’ sovereign rights.

He makes frequent quotes such as: “ (I) had many Malay friends when I was young and EVEN had an Indian friend”. 

Gilbert, the self-professed champion of workers, enjoys criticising the works of organisations that actually do help people get jobs. But when faced with the question of whether or not he actually helped anyone himself, he’ll draw up a blank.

Don’t take my word for it, write him an email and ask him yourself.

This is a guy that makes a living out of protests, monetising the freedom of speech and he is a racist, a hypocrite (he’s an Australian PR that’s criticising Singapore from afar) and I cannot tahan his comments any longer.

So editor, please publish this for national sanity.

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