Prankster obstructs wheelchair access with shared bikes

Netizen Kiwi Pang was not amused when he came across this sight today.

Someone had intentionally blocked the wheelchair access at his neighbourhood with a bunch of these common-use bicycles.

His captions read “Early morning exercise… clear wheelchair access ramp of sharebike. This is why Singapore don’t deserve good things…” attracted criticism.

The netizen helped to clear out the bikes.

“You do know that just one stupid kid can do that, right? What has that got to do with Singapore in its entirety?”, commented Lim Yeow Seng on his wall.

Comments from others came fast and furious, along the lines of “it takes a village to raise a child”. Even if it was a child, or a brood of teenagers, it is society that had moulded them that way.

Does misuse of these bikes reflect the maturity of our nation? What do you think?


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