Scams you should know: The Durian Scam

Earlier this year, an Eugene Lau and his wife got scammed by unscrupulous durian salesmen.

Here’s the modus operandi:

  • They show you a bunch of durians and give you a cheap quote, say $8 per kilo
  • Tell them you want only one and you’re set for the trap
  • They would proceeded to open the biggest one without weighing…
  • …then they will open a few more…
  • Finally, they would ask you to pay for the lot of opened durians through high pressure tactics

Fortunately for Eugene,  the police got alerted in time and the scammers abandoned $300 worth of durians with him.

The men claimed to be durian sellers from Yong Peng, Malaysia, delivering durians for their regular Singaporean customers.

“They told my wife that they were selling extra durians cheaply to those who may want them”, said Mr Lau, and “they even allowed her to taste-test the fruit first”.

Negotiating with dodgy men whom have knives in their hands is not easy. For your sakes, just say no to door-to-door durian sellers.

Get them from Fairprice instead. Got Linkpoints some more.


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