SDP has no standing in suit against Government 

In September this year, the SDP filed a lawsuit in the High court to get the Government to call a by-election in Marsling Yew Tee GRC.

However, the SDP themselves as an organisation will not be able to bring legal action. This is because they are not “party to the matter”, or in legal terms, they have no locus standi.

This does not mean that the action will not continue. One of the members of the SDP, their assistant treasure Dr. Wong souk Yee is a resident of the GRC and does have standing. She alone will continue the action.

“In order not to complicate the proceedings and hold up the process, the SDP has agreed to withdraw from the action,” said the SDP in a press statement.

“The withdrawal does not change the essence of the legal action,” the SDP added. “Our position is that the PAP must abide by the constitution and the spirit of democracy by ensuring that an MP who vacates his/her seat be replaced by another MP through a by-election. “As such, the SDP will support Dr Wong in her action,” it added.

Court hearing for Marsiling-Yew Tee by-election is now fixed for Jan 2018.

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