SMRT completes probe into tunnel floods

The transport operator will proceed to commence disciplinary proceedings against six of its staff. A further inquiry is being conducted against seven other managerial staff, including two vice-president level executives, all of whom have been suspended.

LTA has a separate technical investigation into the Bishan Tunnel flooding incident, with SMRT’s participation. SMRT had offered an amnesty to all staff who confess voluntarily to gaps in reporting.

This amnesty had ended on the 3rd of November 2017. A number of submissions relating to scheduled maintenance works not being carried out have been received from the Building & Facilities Maintenance group. These returns are now being studied.

Staying ahead of workers issues, the National Transport Workers Union had released statement today. It assures the public that most of transport workers are responsible individuals, doing their utmost at work and hope for the public to continue giving support and not lose trust and confidence.

It also adds that the union does not condone any action or inaction by workers that would cause harm to allow workers and commuters and damage to the operations of our public transport system. They further call on the SMRt to apply a balanced approach in investigations and discipline, ensuring that workers would not suffer undue stress by the process.

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