Train was not struck by lightning says SMRT

It seems the entire nation, including national newspapers, were all too eager to see the next tragedy befall SMRT. Yesterday’s thunderstorm provided one such opportunity.

Lightning had “affected” trackside equipment, causing disruption. Lightning did not strike any train or person.

The driver that had been admitted to hospital had been on medical leave for two days over the weekend and was admitted for observation as a precautionary measure after he reported feeling unwell.

“After the lightning incident, the train was immediately able to recover and move on its own power, moving passengers safely to Bedok station. At Bedok station, passengers alighted and the train was promptly withdrawn from service to allow for a thorough inspection by our engineers,” said SMRT spokesman Patrick Nathan.

SMRT assures passengers that it is safe to travel in trains during a lightning storm as trains are protected. Conductive material blocks electric fields and current will travel the outside shell of the train and not into the cabin.


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