Uber upgrades system to give drivers more flexibility

In the already flexible world of private hire vehicles, Uber is giving flexibility a further boost. From Thursday (9th November), several new technological advancements will start operating on the Uber application.

a.) Drivers will no longer have to meet 80% trip acceptance in order to qualify for incentives. This takes the pressure off from working long hours.

b.) Drivers will be able to specify their preferred destiantions up to twice a day, input an arrival time for their destination and the system will intelligently allocate jobs that match driver’s schedules.

c.) The system will also alert drivers if a trip is estimated to take more than 30 mins. This gives them the flexibility of choosing which jobs to accept.

d.) A cancelation timer will be built into the app. It will help the driver keep track of the time spent waiting for the ride. If a passenger cancels more than five minutes after a driver accepts the trip, the timer will indicate that the driver is eligible for the cancellation fee.

These advancements had been designed into the Uber system based on feedback from drivers. The changes will sharpen their edge in wrestling away drivers from their rival, Grab. Last month, Grab announced that it had secured debt facilities of US$700m and signed a new and exclusive partnership with SMRT that will help it build the “largest and most advanced taxi and private-hire car fleet in Singapore”.

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