Fake infant milk powder in JB

Parents be cautious. Malaysian authorities confiscated 210 boxes of fake infant formula milk powder in Johor Bahru after a raid on five shops. The authorities acted after a toddler in Malaysia was reported to have suffered severe vomiting after drinking fake infant formula.

The AVA has released a warning. “Consumers have a role in protecting themselves. As a general guide, consumers should purchase food from reputable sources, such as major supermarkets and retailers,” said the AVA in response to the reports.

Shopping for food overseas or online may be convenient or even cheaper, however caution should be exercised. There are food safety risks associated with such food items. When in doubt of the source or safety of the food product, do not purchase it let alone consume it.

The AVA reminds Singaporeans that regulations and a surveillance system is in place here to ensure infant formula is safe. All products are subject to food safety inspections and sampling.

Meanwhile, if you have milk powder bought from Malaysia – do your kids a favour and throw them out.

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