Are Singaporeans guilty of waste?

The National Environment Agency (NEA) released a report that tells us more than half of the food waste generated by Singaporean households could have been avoided by not ordering, buying or cooking too much.

the amount of food waste measured was equal to throwing away a 2.5kg of rice ever week. The data was gathered through a study of 443 families and analysing the waste collected from 279 households over three days.

One in four households said they had leftovers after a meal at least half the time. A quarter said they often threw away spoilt of expired food, because they had bought too much food or had forgotten food in their refrigerators. More than 50% of families interviewed suggested that supermarkets pack food items into smaller portions and for eateries to offer different portion sizes.

Food waste account for about half of the rubbish disposed by Singaporean households everyday, with rice, noodles and brad being the most common. This has increased over 40% over the last 10 years.


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