TWC2 attempts to weasel its way out of misleading news


Transient Workers Count 2, a local NGO that “champions fair treatment of migrant workers” had allowed their platform to be a bastion of unverified news and one sided accounts.

In a recent post, TWC2 claimed that a foreign worker (Sarkar Debabrata), who came to Singapore as an S-Pass holder, was “made to remain in the country by MOM to assist in investigation, denied upkeep assistance and could not find a job because of MOM’s poor policies”.

MOM had refuted these inaccuracies categorically. 

But guess what? Even in the face of clear, unambiguous refute, TWC2 continues to insist that that they are “responsible advocates”.

Have a read at a sample of their article (not linking cause we don’t want to send traffic their way):

This article is FULL OF opinions and subjective words. This is hardly “news”. This is at best, story telling.

A truly responsible advocate would listen to both sides of the story, or at least present both sides of the story.

A truly responsible advocate would seek truth instead of pandering to drama.

A truly responsible advocate would not lob accusations when they are not certain of the actions that the MOM has taken.

They have said it themselves: “We are not privy to information on the MOM’s international system”. So why would one go forth and attack an organisation when they’re not clear about what the MOM has done?

The manner in which TWC2 has chosen to write their articles are dramatic, one sided, emotional and incorrect.

To accuse a clear clarification as a “point by point rebuttal” is in itself missing the woods for the trees. The whole point is to demonstrate to TWC2 how incorrect they are and how utterly wrong their article had been.


TWC2 owes this responsibility, not just to the one person that came to them for help…but to ALL workers that depend on an incorruptible system for survival.

One sided accounts are not help and, once again: this is not truthful advocacy.

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