Labour MPs Couldn’t Stop Talking About This At Debate On President’s Address

Whilst the rest of Singapore were preoccupied whether or not the President mooted the idea to stop using CPF for housing (she didn’t, this guy did), we challenged ourselves to summarise what all the Labour MPs said in Parliament, in the debate on the President’s Address.

Here are our summaries, not just in one sentence, not just in simple English, but also collectively in one word: opportunity.

Chan Chun Sing (NTUC Secretary-General), who recently took on his new position as Minister of Trade and Industry:

– With the ‘Whole of Nation’ approach led by the 4G leaders, create opportunities for everyone including middle income, middle age, and the weak and vulnerable.

Aka no one will be left behind because we can all do better together.

Slated to step into Minister Chan’s shoes, Ng Chee Meng (NTUC Deputy Secretary-General) focused on low-wage, mature and middle-aged and middle-income workers:

– Make ITMs real now so workers have opportunities to get better jobs and wages, to look after their retirement adequacy, housing, education and healthcare.

Aka ITM shouldn’t be NATO, but really help workers in their jobs and lives.

Koh Poh Koon (NTUC Deputy Secretary-General), aka UHU glue between the Labour Movement and government agencies:

– Tripartite partners will work together to implement the ITMs, change mindsets and upgrade workers’ skills.

Aka y’all have to work together to transform companies, jobs and lives.

Heng Chee How (NTUC Deputy Secretary-General and mature worker champion):

– Give mature workers opportunities to work longer if he chooses to in an age-universal environment and strengthen their capability and confidence.

Aka don’t think mature workers cannot perform, wait they show you.

Ang Hin Kee (NTUC Assistant Director-General and freelance and self-employed champion):

– Look after freelancers’ needs, recognising the dispute resolution framework, have a support system for freelancers and educate people on freelancing as a career option.

Aka freelancers are not free, treat them how you’d like to be treated yourself.

Desmond Choo (NTUC Assistant Secretary-General and working family champion):

– Companies can work with NTUC to customise training for their workers, better match jobs and workers and generate micro-jobs for an ageing population.

Aka companies you no need to always DIY, NTUC can help you transform.

zainal sapari

Zainal Sapari (NTUC Assistant Director-General and low wage worker champion):

– Translate ITMs with vulnerable workers in mind, so they can get the skills for future jobs and be walking ambassadors for your company.

Aka remember to treat these workers fairly, and they will remember what you did for them.

Melvin Yong (NTUC Assistant Secretary-General):

– Reimagine, redesign and reskill to prepare the workforce to take on tomorrow’s jobs.

Aka if you fail to plan for the future, you plan to fail in future.

patrick tay

Patrick Tay (NTUC Assistant Secretary-General, PME champion):

– Future proof businesses and workers, collaborate to change mindsets towards future-skilling.

Aka let’s come together, start early, don’t waste time.


K. Thanaletchimi (Labour Nominated MP):

– Tripartism (government, employers and the Labour Movement) will play a big role in implementing ITMs.

Never forget, what you cannot do alone, you can do with others.


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