This may change your mind about welding as a career

Source: Svarcom

When you think of welding, what comes to your mind? Loud noises and hot flying sparks? The sound of welding is ringing in your head already right?

A welder basically uses a welding equipment to fuse materials like steel and aluminium together. It’s not as easy as merely putting on the safety goggles, gloves and getting down to work. Welding requires skills and proper qualification.

Without proper training, it can be rather daunting to learn on the job. Imagine holding onto the equipment for the first time and experience sparks flying towards you.

The most daunting part is that you’ll actually need to get past the heat and noise, or else you won’t be able to focus on doing the job right.

Welders need to have basic mathematical skills as they’ll need to calculate and make measurements. This is important for the alignment and dimensions of items being welded to be done properly.

Recently, NTUC Assistant Secretary-General Koh Poh Koon talked about the Augmented Reality (AR) Welding Training Masterclass where new craftsmen use augmented reality to learn welding.

So it’s like simulating the real thing without the actual heat and noise!

Take a look at this cool video to see how it’s effective in helping welders learn to be better at their jobs.

NTUC’s Employment and Employability Institute (e2i) is working with Uniweld Products from USA to provide AR training for welders.

According to Koh, the AR system can educate 4 times as many students and reduce the real workshop time by almost half!

There is a declining group of master craftsmen who are good at welding so it’s timely for the industry to adopt innovative ways to attract more locals to consider welding as a career.

Who would have thought of using augmented reality to learn welding? This is a completely new paradigm in industrial training!

It IS the future of work!

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