Goodbye eScooters and shared bikes…Singapore was just not ready for you.

More restrictions, laws and enforcement will be enacted against mobility devices and shared bikes. Their usefulness has become so narrow.

And do you know why this is so? Singaporeans are just too immature to handle them. 

We have been reckless with technology that would otherwise have made transportation even better.

We have been intolerant and refused to share our roads with a wider community. (C’mon cars – you will pass a bike in a fraction of a second, what’s wrong with just avoiding them?)

Mobility devices on the roads have been no angels either. We see them speeding, misbehaving and putting other road users at risk.

These devices could have made our trains, buses and roads less packed. They could have given us a more enjoyable ride to work and school. They could have kept vehicles outside of the CBD and made roads more accessible.

Lee Kuan Yew was right: The government has to intervene in very personal matters, otherwise there would be no progress.

At the heart of all this anti-social behaviour, is self-entitlement and an unawareness that we share this small Singapore with a lot of other people.

This disease permeates every crevice of society: 

  • The driver who crawls at a snails pace on the fast lane, 
  • The commuter who refuses to move to the center of the carriage,
  • The diner who messes up the table at the food court, 
  • The guest who reserves a table and never turns up,
  • The client who is always late for a meeting,

Until the day that Singaporeans become more socially aware, we will continue to need more laws, more regulation and more enforcement. 

For now, have fun walking in the sun. Because eScooters are all but redundant. 

  1. Just put cars on primary car lanes, bicycles and eScooters on dedicated secondary lanes and humans on footpath. That should solve most of the problem.

    Problem starts when
    – you squeeze 20km/h vehicles (ie bicycles and eScooters) onto foot paths meant for humans (ie the old, the pregnant, and the young)
    – you do not control the imports of these eScooters and allowing (with the press of a button) 80km/h models to come in.

    Just like you use a hammer and not a spanner to hammer a nail – both works but when things go wrong, please don’t just blame the spanner.

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