Are there invisible workers in your office?

You probably know who your CEO is, even if you have never so much as stepped into the same lift with the man.

Heck you probably even know all the directors by first and last name even though you have nothing to do with their departments.

But what about the person that comes quietly into the office before anyone else does, so that she can clean up the place, wash the coffeecup and empties the waste paper baskets? 

Here’s a video that raises the attention of elderly and low waged workers. 

These are the highlights of the video:

  • Even when you are of a matured age, you would still want to work. In fact, the older you get, the more you need the work because the threat of dementia is always there. “Whenever people ask me why I’m working at this age, I always tell them I enjoy it when I go working…otherwise I’ll go senile”
  • They want to feel useful and noticed, not invisible. 
  • There are companies that are not willing to pay bonuses or even make concessions.
  • In the video, Zainal Sapari (representing the NTUC) appears in a Parliament snippet that reminded  that the Labour Movement is calling for AWS to be mandatory for all workers.
  • NTUC’s Progressive Wage Model has allowed low-wage workers to earn fairer wages.
  • 70,000 workers (in the cleaning, security and landscaping industries) have benefited from the PWM since it came into effect.
  • The Labour Movement is still lobbying for employers to bear outpatient costs and consultation fees.
  • …and all this must be going the right direction, because in the past 5 years, the pay of low-wage workers has grown faster than the median income. 

We live in a strange society – when we read about a CEO in his 80s and 90s whom wants to go back to work, we applaud and are in awe at his drive.

But when mature workers take on more humble jobs, we go “poor thing, why don’t you ask the government to find your retirement?”

Interesting no?

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